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Visa Support

Visa Requirements of Republic of Uzbekistan

All foreign nationals except citizens of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, are required to have business or tourist visas to enter the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Before application for the tourist visa, foreign nationals need to obtain a visa support, in form of a Letter of Invitation (LOI), from a licensed travel agency in Uzbekistan. All travelers are suggested to contact in advance Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate, where they are planning to obtain their tourist visa, for latest requirements.

Uzbekistan Visa Support / Letter of Invitation (LOI)

Our agency is a licensed travel agency in Uzbekistan and can provide you with Letter of Invitation (LOI). Time required to provide LOI is 10 days.

Uzbekistan Visa Support Conditions

Visa support is provided for free with the purchase of a tour package. Our agency can provide you with the visa support for a fee of USD $30, if you make your hotel bookings for the duration of the visa support. Please note that additional consular fees are paid at the embassy with your visa application, which may range from $ 40 up-to $150, depending on the length of your stay and the country of your citizenship.

To provide you with the visa support, we need you to fill out Uzbekistan Visa Support / Letter of Invitation (LOI) Form.

Based on the information received, we will prepare a visa support application and submit it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan in Tashkent. The approval process takes about 10 days. Approved visa support application is faxed directly to the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan provided in your Letter of Invitation. We will send you by e-mail the reference number (telex number) of the approved Letter of Invitation, which you would need to provide together with your visa application.

Note: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to deny any application for visa support without providing further explanations or may request additional information (e.g. , letter from the employer confirming the employment).

Where to apply for Uzbekistan Visa?

You can apply for a visa where Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate exists. Please check the list of Uzbekistan Embassies and Consulates. Click here.

Uzbekistan Visa at Tashkent International Airport?

It is possible to obtain a visa at the international arrivals lounge of Tashkent International Airport, if both of the following conditions are met:

  • There is no Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate in the country, where you are originating your flight to Uzbekistan;
  • Connecting flight to Uzbekistan, in the country where Uzbekistan Embassy or Consulate exists, does not provide enough time to obtain a visa.

Uzbekistan Visa Application requirements:

  1. Visa support, also referred to as Letter of Invitation (LOI)
  2. Valid passport;
  3. Completed application form;
  4. 1 passport-size photo;
  5. Fee, payable on collection of visa;
  6. Stamped, self-addressed envelope, if applying by post;
  7. Evidence of purpose of a visit;
  8. Confirmation of hotel reservation and details of stay;

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